Why Recycle Laser Toner Cartridges?

Laser printers are found in almost every business, government agency, school and office plus many homes. They are the #1 printers of choice for black and white printin,g as well as color printing. Popular desktop printers, faxes and copiers like Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox and many more ( see our list for complete details) use toner cartridges and drums that can be remanufactured. This fact makes them valuable items to collect. We sell the empty cartridges we collect to factories for remanufacturing. Right now there is a huge demand for those items and we can use all we can collect. This program helps create local jobs, saves natural resources by reusing those cartridges again, keeps used cartridges out of landfill and gives back cash to charities and fundraisers creating a win-win situation!

Today most companies either throw away their cartridges when empty or recycle them with the original OEM manufacturer like HP, Canon, Dell and Lexmark and get nothing in return.The recycling process used by these companies destroys the cartridges for plastic and metal recovery to make different products.
Not for remanufacturing and not as earth friendly or job friendly as our labor intensive remanufacturing process.

The benefits of Recycle4Charity including a single point of recycling for various cartridge brands makes our program more convienient and a with a better cause. Why just Recycle when you can Recycle4Charity. The choice is clear that our recycling program is a much better program for you, the earth, charity work and our economy!

Donate your cartridges for charity or get cold hard cash for recycling your toner/drum cartridges. You may also designate a charity or a school to receive the cash. The choice is yours with our fundraising program. You recycle and help charities raise cash. It's a win-win situation.

Fundraisers can collect cartridges and solicit larger businesses to adopt them as a beneficiary. The businesses can recycle directly with us and your charity receives the money. It is that simple. Just call with your business information to set up an account. We will handle all logistics like receiving, sorting, counting and reporting received cartridges using state of the art computers in our receiving area. We provide you detailed receiving and valuation reports to your online account. A check is issued once a month in arrears for amounts due over $25, otherwise your credit will accumulate online.

We pay for shipping via UPS ground with free pickup of your boxes when the UPS driver makes a delivery to you. Or you may simply drop off your boxes at any UPS store location nationwide. We provide free collection/shipping boxes. We pay for all your cartridges, damaged, compatible, remanufactured cartridges and OEM printer cartridges not on our list $0.10 each minumum. This means more money for you, less hassel, less sorting and everything you send is recycled.  

Our program is totally and unconditionally FREE to you, no cost for shipping, no cost for signing up, no contracts, no hassles, no counting, no sorting and no paperwork. You can't lose with us, you can only make money if you follow our guidelines and collect cartridges for recycling. You can potentially earn hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is very easy with Recycle 4 Charity. We want to help you succeed and to be your partner. Give us a try and see for yourself how our service will benefit you in the long run. Call us and we will be happy to explain our program in greater detail. Call toll free (800) 588-7960.