Fundraising Program Price List

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Our price lists are constantly updated and reflect current market values for original equipment manufactured (OEM) cartridges and cell phones.  Although we cannot pay for any generic, compatible or remanufactured cartridges, you can still turn them in for recycling.

Please review our used item price lists for details, by clicking on one of our fundraising programs graphics above. If you have brand new unopened surplus supplies, prices are quoted based on quantity, brand, model number and age of item, there is no price list. Please email us your detailed list with any photos for a free quote and wait until you collect at least 8 cartridges or more.

Recycle 4 Charity would love to pay your group for every single cartridge that you can collect. Unfortunately, not all cartridges can be remanufactured which means they cannot be refilled and resold. Used inkjet and laser printer cartridges are commodity items. They are bought and sold based on demand from consumers.

Certain cartridges and cell phones may fall in price or drop off the Qualifying List if demand decreases. We don't like it when this happens, but we must adjust the list accordingly, otherwise we wouldn't be able to continue offering free prepaid shipping and higher prices for qualified items!

Even though some cartridges and cell phones drop off the list from time to time, rest assured that new cartridges and cell phones are being added at nearly the same rate. The demand for the new cartridges and cell phones sometimes outweighs the need for the older cartridges so you might see even better prices for these items!