Surplus Imaging Supplies Recycling Program

* Please do not send any surplus new items with your used items; this program is only for collecting brand new unused surplus supplies. Read and follow our instructions bellow carefully, thank you for choosing us to recycle your unwanted surplus supplies.

Recycle Surplus Supplies for Cash (Fundraising Program)

Turn in your surplus supplies from copiers, fax machines, laser printers or ink jet printers, supplies that have lost their usefulness. Get cash for overstocked supplies quickly and easy.

We are reducing the waste entering our landfills every year. We pay for unwanted, overstocked, even some expired and obsolete printer and copier new supplies. We pay for shipping for qualified items in quantities of 25 or more items!

Take a moment and send us a detailed inventory list of your OEM original supplies - copier toners, laser toner cartridges, developer cartridges, drum /imaging units, inkjet cartridges, fuser oil, copier staple cartridges and more.

Here is the information we need: Quantity, brand name on box, reorder number, model number and a short description of the item, plus a digital picture attached in your email if possible for a more accurate quote. Please send us your surplus list by email to We will respond to you as soon as possible.

  • We accept all new, unused OEM original brand copier supplies (Most Models Qualify).
  • We accept all new, unused OEM original brand printer supplies (Most Models Qualify).
  • We accept all new, unused OEM original brand fax supplies (Most Models Qualify).
  • We accept all brand name supplies. We do not buy or recycle generic, compatible, or remanufactured products.
  • We do not accept ribbons or expired ink cartridges more than a year past expiration date.
  • Minimum of 10 items for consideration. We welcome large volume pickups, pallet pickups, or containers, the more product you have the better quote you get.
  • If you have less than 10 product,s please consider our donation option below, or accumlate more before contacting us.
  • Ask business and government offices for any excess supplies they may want to recycle. While you are helping them recycle, you can earn thousands of dollars. The remarketed surplus inventory market is a multibillion dollar industry.
Recycle Surplus Supplies for Free (Donation Program)

To recycle for donation only (no cash back and not tax deductible), ship your surplus items to the following address prepaid shipping, or send us your detailed list of items with photo if possible to for consideration to see if your items qualify for free shipping.

If you have over 100 products, please call or e-mail you list first for approval even if you are willing to pay for shipping. Indicate "for donation" on your e-mail list and we will get back to you in 48 hours or less. Surplus supplies are considered hazardous waste. Don't throw away unused toner and ink cartridges in the trash and pollute our environment. Instead, send it to Recycle 4 Charity, the nation's largest recycler of surplus supplies. Help charity while you are doing it! Plus, avoid paying for hazardous waste removal fees, a win-win option. If you have items that we don't accept, we may offer you a removal and recycling service for a fee as an option to illegal dumping. Call us, email us or text us for more details - Call Toll Free (800) 588-7960x2 Text Msg your list to (661) 607-8077 or email us

Ship Your Surplus Supplies Prepaid Shipping To:

Recycle 4 Charity
Attn: Surplus Donation
27943 SECO CANYON ROAD Suite 600