Corporate Campaigns

Recycle 4 Charity corporate collection programs provide an excellent community and employee relations tool for companies. By launching a wireless phone collection campaign, your company can help the environment while helping out a charitable cause. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to safely dispose of their retired wireless phones, and a charity will appreciate the contribution that your company can make as a result of your collection campaign.

Why does Recycle 4 Charity make sense?

There are more than 150 million wireless handsets lying idle in American homes and businesses. Millions more are on the verge of retirement as subscribers upgrade or change service providers. Industry research has shown that wireless subscribers typically upgrade their phones on average every two years. With the current number of subscribers at over 130 million, an estimated 75 million handsets could be retired in the coming year alone.

The number of unused or retired phones will keep growing year after year, providing an endless supply of phones for the Recycle 4 Charity program.

It can support your company's charitable initiatives

For every handset you collect, you will receive funds to support your philanthropic endeavors. In this way, Recycle 4 Charity acts as a virtually cost-free and hassle-free support mechanism for your company's charitable giving programs. Recycle 4 Charity could provide additional funds to existing contributions or be the main source of your charitable funding freeing up dollars for other purposes.

It gives your philanthropic efforts strategic direction

Traditionally corporate philanthropy has involved giving money to charities and receiving recognition. Recycle 4 Charity provides an opportunity for strategic philanthropy tying charitable giving to your business objectives.

Collecting outdated and unused wireless technology to help fund charitable endeavors shows the wireless industry is smart and responsible. You are providing customers and potential customers with a way to feel good about themselves and your company. A recent Cone/Roper poll showed that 83% of Americans have a more positive image of companies that support philanthropic initiatives.

By building or strengthening a positive image for your company, you may also build your customer base. In addition, conducting a charitable collection drive opens the doors of your retail locations to your current customers and invites potential customers to follow.

It's environmentally responsible

Recycle 4 Charity provides a new message for your company to communicate: “We are environmentally responsible.” The key environmental aspects of the collection program are:

1. reuse of otherwise idle wireless phones and
2. the proper disposal of obsolete phones and exhausted batteries.

This is an aspect of the program that can further enhance your company's image.

The Recycle 4 Charity phone drive program is easy to implement

With Recycle 4 Charity handling the logistics, it will be easy to participate and realize the benefits. Recycle 4 Charity will work with your company in the coordination of collection materials, shipping, public relations and marketing materials. In addition, it is customizable — you can integrate Recycle 4 Charity into an existing philanthropic program or launch it as a new initiative.

Look at the many benefits of the Recycle 4 Charity program:

For your company —
It provides funds for charitable endeavors, enhances image in community and can add to the bottom line.

For your charity —
It adds funds to help them reach their goals.

For the environment —
It reuses idle handsets and promotes the proper disposal of obsolete phones or exhausted batteries.

For your customers and employees —
It is an opportunity to feel good about themselves for donating their phones and to feel good about who they do business with. It's a win-win initiative!!!

You can start your corporate collection today by simply registering with our Recycle4Fundraising Program.